After fully viewing Solaris – Part 1

November 6, 2009

As a result of watching Solaris as a whole, it becomes apparent that the clip presents an entirely different meaning when presented in such context. Before viewing the film, the character of Kris is seen to be fatigued without any denotative reason for the duration of the clip. By viewing it rationally, it can be construed that he is tired or somewhat troubled as visually, he emulates such characteristics. On the other hand, in the events that unfold previously in the film, we are given further insight into the reason of his exhaustion as we see that he has awoken from a deep sleep. With this notion in mind not only can it be logically determined that he is tired, but the reason in which he wakes and appears to be walking around is more concise.

Many vital points of the plot give the clip relevance as we find out that the unnamed woman in the section is Hari, Kris ex-wife who has died seven years prior when she committed suicide. Although dead, Hari is present in the mind of Kris as the narrative exposes that the liquid planet of ‘Solaris’ appears to replicate forms of memory in the replications of human beings or copies of such life forms.

“Solaris is a sign generator because it produces memories/signs of the deceased. It is an organism that is able to penetrate Kris’ unconscious by inserting materializations of his desires into the real world. The alien planet is understood to be a large brain that communicates with people with the help of ‘visitors’. Thus, Solaris stands for the intellect, for the consciousness and for knowledge. The Earth is presented as the source of human life, and in Russian the word [zemlia] refers to both the planet and its fertile soil. Zemlia is a feminine noun that underscores the relation of Earth’s concept to femininity, birth and reproduction.”

[A section from the book Tarkovksy by Vlad Struko, Edited by Nathan Dunne, Published by Black Dog Publishing , 25th February 2008, London page 67

Using the above source as a way of understanding the concept of the memories induced by the planet, we can now evidently find reason within the characters intentions within the clip. In the 2min 30sec snippet Kris and Dr. Snaut visually look emotionally drained in addition to the tiredness realized by Kris’ physical features. Without having viewed the entire film, this image was left ambiguous but whilst analyzing the above source it concludes why both Snaut and Kris are having such emotional strain as their minds seem to be under the strenuous process of having their intellect affected by Solaris’ reproduction of their memories in the form of humans of the past, in this case Kris’ dead wife Hari.


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