November 11, 2009












Dystopia Vs Utopia

(Solaris)       (Earth)


“Solaris” symbology connotes that Earth is Tarkovsky’s answer to the simplest form of ‘utopia’ as opposed to the manufactured world of ‘Solaris’ and the space station.


The film begins slowly so that more screen time is given to the adventures that are Earthbound so that the viewer is able to appreciate the character of Kris having sequentially lived in his world for the duration of the film. This tool brings the viewer closer into his world.


The search for knowledge is an underlying theme that metaphorically represents Tarkovsky’s own search within himself (the speech given by Kris Kelvin questions being and his parallel form on Solaris, Hari a materialised version of his ideal).

Epistemological Journey


Tarkovsky inflicts a level of questioning into his film that moves above the escapism of modern mainstream cinema. The narrative is non-fictional, although deals with the very real  quest for knowledge which Kris voices through his gradual understanding of the alien planet

Conventions of the author

The space station deliberately accentuates Tarkovsky’s preference over the sterile alien atmosphere.




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