Study Diary

November 11, 2009


While commencing the task of writing my blog I have encountered a vast array of initial problems. Most importantly, I have never written a blog before and as such not equipped in the slightest when preparing a specific writing plan in which my research blog was to adhere to. After choosing my topic (a clip from Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris) I had to find a relative approach to setting about a consistent way of researching for information that would be of value to my blog. To begin with, I am not up to date with my research and as a result I feel I have fallen back at the early stage of the blogging process. After preparing certain stages in which to tackle the research I will hopefully be able to look at the blog in a more clerical light. The first stage or angle which I want to look at is the whole film of Solaris due to the fact that I have not seen it yet, this will be interesting in terms of looking back at my initial first impressions of the clip and compare and see if my questioning is relevant and accurate. Therefore, as a result of viewing Solaris I will have the opportunity to contextualise the clip within its original work then, able to find an aspect that I can follow and research academically, knowing that it makes logical sense regarding the film as a whole.


Having just watched Solaris I feel that I have benefited from validating my first hand lines of inquiry by relating it to the film. I had originally asked a string of questions that related to specific parts of the clip however not knowing any of the background of the film I had continued to asking queries that had I persisted in following for research would have left considerable dead ends. A particular question that I had asked at was:

”What is the metaphorical relevance of the blinding light near the end of the clip? Is it an aesthetic or a narrative based reason? What is the metaphorical relevance of the blinding light near the end of the clip? Is it an aesthetic or a narrative based reason?”

When watching the clip for the first time what is most striking is a section at the end, where a bright light appears to slowly fill the screen and absorb the characters present within the setting. This is achieved in the way that the light is so bright the characters appear unseen before the sequence cuts. Personally I felt that I could have interpreted this in a variety of ways but what was made greatly apparent was its significance given the directorial decision of the inclusion of the light and why such a specific aesthetic was incorporated. On the other hand, when watching the entirety of the film the aforementioned sequence did not really retain any element of interest regarding the whole of Solaris. In addition my notion on it being an integral visual element was false as through examining various books (most notably Sculpting in Time by Tarkovsky) many writers and Tarkovksy himself do not linger upon this sequence as being one of specific artistic intent of the director. Instead he was more largely focused on the overall aesthetic of the film rather than the sole light sequence. As such the segment was deemed unusable for the reason that it did not bear any relevance contextually, other than my subjective first interpretation of its meaning. I aim in the future to not only look at the relevance of the clip by itself but how the clip is placed within the film and its basis.


I have just completed my recent blog on how science fiction plays a part within this visual of Solaris and how the film gels with this genre. I found this blog to be the most finite and conclusive of my entries as my research at this point has led me to find endings to my queries. It was also interesting to see how moving away from the clip the film as a whole suggests it represents a notion that is ‘anti-sci-fi’ this again is something I wish to explore in further blogs (it will briefly be included in ‘Tarkovsky as an auter’) as it is a concept that falls very accurate within Tarkovsky’s own interpretation of his film and his ideologies.


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